How I started a career creating content 
for luxury brands all over the world 
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What You Will Learn On this Masterclass

What You Will Learn On this Masterclass

Create A Highly Targeted Audience
Discover how to use social media to create a massively highly targeted audience thats not only knows you but likes you and trusts you. 
Build A Valuable And Creative Skill
Discover how to build a creative skill thats valuable to your desired customer or prospect.   

Monetize Your Skill And Your Audience
Help you discover how to monetize your skill and your audience to get paid to travel the world.

Our Mission
Good design doesn't mean "what more can I add", Its about having nothing left to take away.
Jay Jones is a 26-year-old Luxury Content Creator, entrepreneur and world traveler, based in Seattle, US. After dropping out of college at 21, Jay grew multiple millions of followers on social and traveled to over 35+ Countries - Exotic, CXT & PFG then began to teach others to do the same.

In 2019, we created Platform Generator , helping thousands of Entrepreneur's and Creative's build their platform to follow their passion.

Who is this for? 

If you have never used a camera but dream of picking it up and building a full-time career out of shooting photos and videos, this is for you.

If you have been creating content but aren’t growing an audience, are struggling to land paying clients, and overall are just not getting the results you deserve, this is for you.
If you’re fed up with the 9-5 lifestyle and know there’s so much more to life than doing work you don’t love, this is for you

Brand's Our Students Have Worked With

Here's What Our Past Students Say About Us

Jay is an absolute legend, I feel blessed i got the opportunity to work with him he has completely changed my life and now I'm traveling full time and getting paid for it! 
Jack Mccoll
His philosophy of social media principles first has exploded my brand from ground zero, to $4k in brand deals within 90 days."

Sam Feilds
"The things I’ve learned from Jay and Qiraa have FAR surpassed the education that I got from my art school. He handed me the blueprint to a thriving business."
Kaity Tainer
How I started a career creating content  for luxury brands all over the world 
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